How to Teach Yourself The Art of Massage

The greatest way to learn massage in Brisbane is to consult an expert in this field. Get a professional massage to help you understand the techniques. Beginners should learn the choreographed sequences of the process. Specialists apply several techniques. They differ depending on specific body parts.

As the session proceeds, ask questions. The specialist will tell you more about this profession. Since there are many areas of specialization, think of the ones that interest you. A online search may be helpful. Check for massage books in the local library. You can gain more skills by reading.

Find a person who is willing to get a massage from you. Friends can help you in practice. The experience helps beginners to know how typical sessions are carried out. A full massage takes ninety minutes. It is good to start slowly. Use your friends to check your pace.

Consider specializing. Massage therapists concentrate on one specialty. It is good to seek appropriate training for a better experience. Enroll in colleges that offer massage courses. Before training it is good for people to understand licensing requirements. It guides them to know the training that qualifies to get licensed.

Massage Magic


Rubbing of muscles and joints in proper angles to relieve from tension and pain with the help of hands and legs.

Massage brings out excellent reaction out from body after long stress. This is the reason why people spare time to get massage even in their busy schedule.


REDUCES MUSCLE PAIN – Due to one or the other reason muscles get strained and cause pain. With the help of massage in proper angles reduces the pain.

RELIEVE OUT FROM DEPRESSION – People who are depressed about their health condition or business problems can regularly have massage therapy by which person comes out from anxiety and depression.

GOOD SLEEP – After getting lot of stress with work, people lack in sleep. For this people massage is a medicine which works great.

RELIEVE FROM HEADACHE- Head Massage is done to release out the stressed muscles so that person can get free from head pains. Also Head massage helps in growth of hair.

INCREASES IMMUNITY POWER – Tolerance to any disease is very important aspect of being healthy. Massage can be the booster of immune system.

For all the above reasons Massages are now in great demand all over the world. By getting proper course in massage improves blood passage and keeps brain active all the time.


Welcome to my little piece of the internet, where I am going to take everything that I have learnt during my time in the massage industry, and attempt to pass as much of it as possible on to you. While some of you may think you already are a massage expert, you will be surprised by some of the magic I am going to share with you.

First off, I have been working in the massage industry for over 20 years now and have been making sure that I move with the times and learn all of the new techniques that have come along during that time. I will take you through the steps required to deliver these massages and become the best masseuse you can possibly be.